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Lettering for 1937 AAR boxcars - as delivered scheme

Part Number: M&StL-3a

Price: $8.50

Between October 1941 and December 1947, the M&StL Railway received 1,650 boxcars of the 1937 AAR 10’-0” IH design, as follows:

Series 50400-50498 (even numbers only) 50 cars - Pullman-Standard, Lot 5667C, Delivered October, 1941
Series 53000-53998 (even numbers only) 500 cars - General American Transportation Corp, Lot 2944, Delivered October, 1944
Series 54000-54998 (even numbers only) 500 cars - General American Transportation Corp, Lot 2952, Delivered July. 1945
Series 56000-57198 (even numbers only) 600 cars - General American Transportation Corp, Lot 2986, Delivered December, 1947

Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted boxcar red: TCP-188; lettering white stencil paste. (Note: starting in 1952 and before 1956,an unknown number of these
cars were repainted green with yellow lettering (see decal sheet M&StL-3b). In 1957, the cars were repainted a bright red with white slogans and lettering. (See
Decal sheet M&StL-3c). A later series, 4000-5398, came painted in the green and yellow scheme and never received the later bright red scheme - (see also decal
sheet M&StL-3c)

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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