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WP heavyweight lettering in Gold Leaf & DULUX yellow

Part Number: WP Passenger Cars

Price: $9.50

The Western Pacific commenced passenger service in 1910, leasing a number of wood coaches from the D&RGW, another Jay Gould road. These were 55’ long and built by Pullman in 1888. These were returned in 1916 and the WP looked to all-steel equipment, receiving their first steel cars in 1916 from Pullman (see over for these cars)
In 1920, the WP received 3, 85’ Standard Sleepers from Pullman-Standard under Lot 4565 and 4590. Named Rampur, then renamed Clover Plot (701), Sussex (702), renamed Clover Town; and Tyburn (703) renamed Clover Villa, then numbered in 1940.
In May 1923, the WP received 20, 78-9” all steel Harriman design coaches from American Car & Foundry under Lot 4716, assigned Series numbers 301-320.
In October 1923, the WP received 8, 82’-7“ all-steel diners from Pullman-Standard under Lot 4717. Cars were assigned names (see list over) when delivered, however in 1931-1933, the names were replaced with assigned Series numbers 501-508.
In March thru February 1924, the WP received 20, 63’ steel baggage cars from Pressed Steel Car Co, under Lot 2236. Series were 121-140 (note: when delivered,
cars were numbered 101-120. The WP renumbered them in 1927 to 121-140)
In May 1927, the WP received 4, 81’-6” cafe-coach all-steel cars from Pullman-Standard Car Co under Lot 6160. Series were 391-394 In September 1953, the WP purchased two 85’ Tourist cars arraigned to Plan 2412-F from Pullman. Built in April 1917 under Lot 4484 and assigned WP number 881. The second car, purchased from Pullman in 1953, was WP 882 built in 1912 to Plan 2412-A, Lot 4037.
To fully understand WP‘s various passenger equipment, see Guy Dunscomb and Fred Stindt’s comprehensive volume “WP Steam Locomotives, Passenger, Trains and Cars”, published by the authors, 1980.
Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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