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1942 40' autocar for ACL - Class O-23 with 14' Youngstown doors and Barber S-2 trucks

Part Number: PC-3302-O

Price: $311.00

Overall, the Atlantic Coast Line received 2,528 40 ft double-door autocars in three lots. The rst lot of 728 cars from Pullman-Standard under Lot 5641 and was delivered in June 1940, assigned as Series 51400-52127, as Class O-21. These came with 7-Panel Creco doors with a wood running board and Ajax hand brake. In February 1942, the second lot of 700 cars came from American Car & Foundry under Lot 2309 and assigned Series 52128-52827. This group and the one following were Classed as O-23, had wood running boards and Miner hand brake. The rst 300 cars came with Youngstown doors and the remainder with 7-P Superior doors. The third and nal group of 1,100 cars was Series 52828-53927, built by P-S as Lot 5719 and delivered in July 1944 , again split between Youngstown doors and 7-P Superior doors and Miner hand brake. All cars had 14’ door openings and an IH of 10‘-3”.

Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted with Glidden Brown or Pittsburg (PPG) Synthetic Brown: TCP-922, a mineral red-brown, with black underframe.

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