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Bettendorf 50-Ton Double-Truss plankless freight truck in Proto:48

Part Number: PC-201-P

Price: $52.95/ pair

Bettendorf’s patented double-truss plankless 50-ton truck built by Boo Rim Precision of Korea. This successful design with increased strength eliminates the need of a spring plank, and became quite popular with thousands to be found under freight cars from the 1930’s into the 1960’s.  The model is built with all lost wax cast brass components, the truck is fully equalized, rolls on ball bearings and has working journal covers, full brake detail, and painted black.  Axles are stainless steel for extra strength. Wheels are sintered with 70% iron and 30% stainless steel granules in a 3-story stamping mill; the mold achieving the rib-back wheel’s accurate AAR design profile, then baked at 1,400 ºF.  The finished product is quite hard.  The wheels - if left unpainted - can show rust as in the prototype - (see top right image) and the treads will polish, and stay polished, also as in the prototype.  This is the finest model truck available, and with the ball bearinged axles, will roll a 35 all brass train with ease.  2mm shouldered mounting screw and springs are included. $52.95/pair

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