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1942 40' autocar for GM&O - with 5/5 DN ends

Part Number: PC-3304-O

Price: $311.00

The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad ordered and took delivery of 50 40' autocars in June of 1942.  Built by American Car & Foundry as Lot 2345, they were assigned Series 3500-35249 by the GM&O.  They were equiped with 5/5 Dreadnaught ends from Standard Steel's Chicago plant with "W" design corners, Youngstown doors with a 14' opening, Apex running boards and brake step, Equipco hand brake assembly, Royal F Brake Regulator, Barber S-2 solid bearing trucks , floor tubes for chain storage and the GM&O's unique 10 rung ladders.

The all brass Protocraft model has been carefully replicated by BooRim Precision in Korea using AC&F drawings supplied by the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis with consultant Ed Hawkins.  The all brass trucks have ball bearings for easy rolling and sintered steel rib-back wheels.  Models are designed to accept the Kadee or Protocraft coupler box.  Only 30 models built.  Part #3304-O for O scale and #3304-P for Proto:48.

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