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1944 40’ auto car for SSW with 5/5 DN, Series 46200-46299

Part Number: PC-3309-O

Price: $311.00

In March 1944, the SSW took delivery of 100, 40’ double-door autocars built at the road’s Pine Bluff, Arkansas shops, as Series 46200-46299. The cars had an inside height of 10’-6”, 5/5 Dreadnaught ends and were equipped with Royal F brake adjustors, Klasing hand brake assemblies, Morton running boards and 5/5/5/5 Youngstown 14’ doors and Barber S-2 friction bearing trucks (model rolls on ball bearings with sintered steel rib-back wheels). Model is beautifully built in all brass by BooRim Precision in Korea to actual builder’s drawings. This as-delivered lettering scheme is available from Protocraft Decals, part # SSW-7a. In the 1950’s the cars were repainted and lettered with the new large COTTON BELT scheme: Protocraft Decals part #SSW-7b.

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