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1947 40’ auto car for SSW with 4/4 IDN, Series 46300-46449- No Longer Available

Part Number: PC-3310-P

Price: $311.00

In February 1947, the SSW received an additional 150 40’ double-door autocars built in their Pine Bluff, Arkansas shops, as Series 46300-46449. These cars were 10’-6” IH and had the new Improved Dreadnaught 4/4 ends, Ajax hand brake assemblies, Morton running boards and 3/3/3 lightweight Youngstown 14’ doors, and A-3 Ride Control trucks (model rolls on ball bearings with sintered smooth back steel wheels) Beautifully built in all brass by master builder BooRim Precision of Korea. Correct decals are available from Protocraft Decals Part #SSW-7b.

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