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National B Type 50-ton freight truck

Part Number: PC-203-P

Price: $52.95/ pr

In 1931, the National Malleable and Steel Casting Company took a more innovative approach to one-piece cast side frames with an improved riding quality and unsprung weight with a unique bolster and spring arrangement, by developing the National B design which afforded a better ride than conventional ARA trucks.  The National B-1 was further improved in 1943 with a new design for the spring snubber and received a new designation as National-B.   Both B’s were made in large numbers and were adopted by many railroads in the 1930’s and 1940’s

This fully assembled, all-brass model by Boo Rim Precision of Korea, follow’s National’s plans and features ball bearings, working journal covers, full brake detail, fully equalized construction with working springs, tapered stainless steel axles, and sintered (70% iron and 30% stainless steel) rib-back wheels with accurate AAR profile.  Treads polish to a realistic running appearance.


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