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1937 AAR boxcars for Southern Pacific - Versions of B-50-20/21/ and 23 (specify O or P:48)

Part Number: PC-3521

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As the depression waned beginning in 1936, the SP began a steel boxcar acquision program using the new 1937 AAR 10’-0” IH design with a 3713 cubic foot capacity. This resulted in 7,994 new cars added to the eet by mid-1942, contracting with all major car manufactures.
This version is of the later design intoducing the new stronger round (W) corner 4/5 Dreadnaught ends and steel non-skid running boards.
Once again, Boo Rim Precison Scale of Korea, has produced an exquiste and accurate model in all-brass of this S.P.’s series using builder drawingsfrom both the Pullman Library in Illinois and the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis.
The new design ends built by Standard Equipment Railway Company of Chicago; Chicago-Hutchins (Murphy) raised panel roofs, SP style polling pockets, 7/7 Wine ladders and Apex Tri-Lok running boards with 6’ ft Youngstown doors, and Equipco Power Hand Brakes throughout. Models built with these components are as follows:
Series 83740-94239, 500 cars, Pressed Steel Car Co, - delivered December 1940 B-50-20
Series 84240-84739, 500 cars, Bethlehem Steel Corp, DF 11, delivered February 1941 B-50-20
Series 83240-83739, 500 cars, General American Transportation Corp- delivered January 1941 B-50-21-equipped with 7-Panel Superior doors*
Series 82990-83239, 250 cars, Pullman-Standard Car Co, Lot 5672 - delivered July 1941 B-50-21
Series 95520-95863, 344 cars, Pullman-Standard Car Co, Lot 5701 - delivered May 1942 B-50-23
Series 96220-96819, 600 cars, American Car & Foundry, Lot 2379 - delivered March 1942 B-50-23 -equipped with 7-Panel Superior doors*
Series 96820-96919, 100 cars, American Car & Foundry, Lot 2379 - delivered March 1942 B-50-23
Series 96920-97619, 700 cars, Pressed Steel Car Co, - delivered July 1942 B-50-23
*Note: 7-Panel Superior doors are available to order separately
Note: In 1956, all cars were renumbered into 114753-117411 Series to free up numbers for new cars. Refer to Tony Thompson’s excellent and comprehensive series of the SP Historical publication SP Freight Cars, Vol 4, pages 247-261.

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