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lettering for DM&N single and double sheathed boxcars - prior to 1937 merger scheme

Part Number: DM&N-1

Price: $8.50

In 1900, at the turn of the century,two main railroads were supplying iron ore to the growing steel industry in Pennsylvania: the DM&N - Duluth, Missabe & Northern; and the D&IR - Duluth and Iron Range. Prior to that in 1884 both the DM&N and the D&IR came under control of John D. Rockefeller, and in 1901, under ownership of Carnegie Steel. Cost savings resulted in a merger of the two roads as DM&N. In 1937, the DM&N and it’s associated roads were consolidated and renamed the Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range. (DM&IR)

While the preponderance of rolling stock were steel ore cars, (12,088 in 1946) the DM&N had a need for refrigerator cars, boxcars and some flatcars and even some oil cars. The DM&N received its first 50, 40’ 40-ton boxcars in 1906 from Western Steel and Car Co. as Class P, and given series numbers 3100-3149. This series had an inside height of 8‘-4” with a capacity of 2,730 cubic ft. In 1907 an order of 100, 40-ton, 42’ double-sheathed steel under-frame boxcars from Standard Steel Car Co, classed as P1 and assigned series numbers 3150-3249. Cubic foot capacity was 2,755 with an inside height of 8‘-1“. In 1916 the cars were rebuilt at DM&N’s Proctor, Minnesota shops by replacing roofs with Murphy steel radical roofs and Murphy 7/7 reverse corrugated steel ends. Cars had a 6’-7” door opening and installed ‘puller tabs’ (equivalent to roping staples) at the left end only of each side. Five of these cars, (3350-3154) were rebuilt with double-doors for automobile loading. See 3150 over. Some cars in this series were still in revenue service up to 1967. A very close 1/4“ scale injection molded model kit of this car is by San Juan Car Company in Duango, Co - kit #122

The next group of 40’, 40-ton boxcars were 100 single-sheathed boxcars built by American Car & Foundry under Lot 9601, as Class P2 and delivered in September 1923. These were assigned series numbers of 3300-3399 and had a 9’-2” inside height to accommodate 3,153 cu. ft . Two hundred and fifty of both series of these cars had a sill step installed just under the opening of the door for easier access during LCL service. (see photo of 3236 above and 3350 over) There were cars in this series of cars still in revenue service up to 1973. All had the puller tabs at the left end. 

Paint & Lettering: Cars painted with boxcar red/brown with all white lettering. The new maroon and gold ball monogram for DM&IR did not begin to be applied until beginning in 1960.

Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries


Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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