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1937 AAR boxcars for the Northern Pacific

Part Number: PC-3525

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The N.P. joined many of the Class One railroads in March of 1940, and ordered 3,000 of the new 50-ton 1937 AAR design all-steel boxcars with a 10’-0” inside height.  Built by American Car & Foundry and Pullman-Standard, with the last 100 built in N.P.’s Laurel Shop using parts delivered from AC&F, in March 1941.

N.P. specified wood running boards and Ajax Power hand brake assemblies.  Ends were equipped with Standard Railway Equipment Co’s 4/5 Dreadnaught ends incorporating the stronger round (W) corner internal braces, improved Murphy raised panel roofs and the somewhat unusual requirement for 8 rung Wine ladders.  Given a set of AC&F builder plans under AC&F Lot 2194, Boo Rim Precision of Korea has build exquisite and accurate models of these cars in all brass construction.  Series were 15000-17999.  Note:  500 cars built by Pullman-Standard under Lot 5662, Series 17500-017899, were delivered with 7-Panel Superior doors.   7-Panel Superior doors are available from Protocraft to make this model for this Series. Cars roll on Protocraft’s all brass Bettendorf design 50-ton trucks with ball bearings, working journal covers and sintered steel rib-back wheels.

Specify Proto:48 or O scale when ordering

Accurate decals are available from Protocraft Decals, including the 60” nomad

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