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52’-6” “Greenville Gondola” for the New York Central

Part Number: PC-3605

Price: $397.00

The New York Central was by far the largest user of the “Greenville Gon”, with 4,600 hundred in it’s fleet and an additional 6,000 for subsidiary Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, this out of a total of 15,900 built industry wide for all railroads, using the original design that evolved from the 1940 A.M.C. design for the ERIE.  To obtain such a quantity orders were place with every major car builder in the US, with it’s own shop, Despatch Shops of East Rochester, N.Y. manufacturing 1,000 for the NYC and 4,000 for th P&LE.  Over the coarse of 1949-1952, the cars by Lot number varied in individual components, such as wood plank floors, nailable steel floors to steel riveted floors, and different tie-down arrangements.  All utilized the same ladders, Wine door locks and the Improved Dreadnaught drop ends.

Protocraft’s model is only one out of many: Series 71400-714099 (NYC Lot 810-G), built by Despatch Shops under order DSI 870 in 1951, and had Nailable steel floorsTop rail Wine Lading anchors running the course of the top rail, plus roping staples at the bottom edge of each side.

Decal sets for this car available from Protocraft Decals

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