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52’-6” Greenville Gondola for DT&I

Part Number: PC-3602

Price: $397.00

In June 1944, the DT&I (a subsidiary of the PRR) received from the Greenville Steel Car Company, under Office Order O.O.420, 100 of the “Greenville” gondolas, virtual clones of the original 52’-6” A.M.C design of the 70-Ton Drop-End Mill Gondola cars for the ERIE gondola produced in 1940.  The DT&I’s list of materials included the standard Dreadnaught Ends, Wine Door locks, Wood plank floor, Universal Lever hand brakes, and virtually no tie-downs except the standard 1-1/4” chamfered holes along the top chord for ropes or cables.  The cars rode on 70-ton trucks with a PRR coil-eliptical spring arrangement with a wheelbase of 5’-8”; and were assigned road numbers as Series 9000-9099.  Cars were painted freight car red/brown with all white stencil paste lettering.

The model built by Boo Rim Precision of Korea, runs on trucks with ball bearings, working journal covers, with full brake detail and is fully equalized and prepainted.  It is equipped with a scale working draft gear assembly with a blackened scale working magnetic “E” type couplers.  Working end doors have a scale Wine door lock assembly comprised of 5 individual castings

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