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52’-6” “Greenville Gondola” for the Pere Marquette

Part Number: PC-3608

Price: $397.00

In 1944, the Pere Marquette Railroad received 100 of the ‘clone' A.M.C. design “Greenville Gondolas” built by Greenville Steel Car Company, under O.O. 420, with  plans.  These were assigned road numbers as Series 18850-18949.  The cars came equipped with standard Dreadnaught ends, Wine Door locks, Universal Lever hand brake over and Apex brake step, 1-3/8” hardwood plank floors and roping staples mounted horizontally above the trucks.  Interior hold downs were 28 folding stake pockets and the usual 1-1/4” chamfered rope/cable holes in the top rail.

In 1947, the PM was sold to the C&O Railroad, however repainting and relettering of these cars did not begin to take place until the early 1960’s when the cars needed repainting. Series numbers remained the same, with the C&O only adding a ‘2’ in front of the PM Series numbers (see PC-3608a for the slightly modified C&O version of this car)

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