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C&O Series 4500-4999, 1937 AAR design boxcars - Murphy roof and square corner 4/5 DN ends

Part Number: PC-3514

Price: $319.00

In November 1936, the C&O received an additional 500 boxcars of this design, varying only with a newer watertight and less expensive Murphy Raised Panel roof. Built by Pullman-Standard Car Co under Lot 5531, and assigned Series 4500-4999. Components included AB brake systems with Ajax Power hand brakes, wooden running boards. Youngstown corrugated steel doors with Camel fixtures, and the 4/5 Dreadnaught ends with the square corner design of the times.  Eight rung Wine Company ladders and roping staples.  When delivered the cars came with their ends and doors painted black.

This all-brass model is built by Boo Rim Precision of Korea and are exquisitely built in accurate reproduction using Pullman Library supplied original  plans.  Trucks roll on ball bearings for easy rolling and have sintered steel wheels and have working journal covers.

Accurate decals for this scheme are available from Protocraft Decals.

In 1953,the repaint scheme included the ‘steam era smoke Progress’ slogan

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