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C&O Series 10000-11999, (NKP and PM) 1937 AAR design boxcars - Murphy roof and W corner 4/5 DN ends

Part Number: PC-3518

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Happy with the initial 1,500 1937 AAR design boxcars received in 1936, beginning in May 1941 and through February 1942, the C&O ordered an additional 2,000 boxcars in this basic design, but with improved components, Series 10000-11999.  This series of cars came with the newer improved 4/5 round (W) corner Dreadnaught ends, and the less expensive Murphy Raised Panel roof, and metal Tri-Lok running boards by Apex Railway Products of Chicago, and 7/7 rung ladders.  Supplying this many cars during an incredible demand by multitudes of railroads required that orders be divided up between AC&F, GATC, Mt Vernon and Pullman-Standard; each with their own lot numbers corresponding with Series numbers.  (the decal instruction sheets accompanying the many decals that go with these cars provides a list of these combinations)

The Nickel Plate Road also took delivery of this version of C&O’s boxcar, taking delivery of 500 cars in August 1941, from American Car & Foundry, under Lot 2272, as assigned Series 16000-16499; and later in January 1942, 900 cars from General American Transportation Corp, Lot 2880, and assigned Series 16500-17399.

Beginning in January 1941, and through September 1941, the Pere Marquette received 800 cars between builders GATC, P-S and AC&F.  This Series was 83500-84399.

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