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Allied Full Cushion High Speed passenger express truck in O gage

Part Number: PC-217-O

Price: $64.95/ pair

Introduced in the late 1930’s, this truck was designed and built by the Allied Railway Equipment Company of Chicago. The Allied Full Cushion High Speed express truck is suited for both passenger and freight  service with a 5’-6” w.b., and was highly regarded for it’s riding qualities at high speed.  Built with a complex combination of swing-hangers hung from separable journal boxes set on long-travel coil springs with a lateral-motion bolster, the truck provided a rapid and remarkably smooth shock absorption, even at 100 mph.  It was used by many Class I railroads at the time including the Santa Fe, Missouri Pacific, KCS, L&A, the C&NW and NYC, Pullman troop cars.  While it performed miraculously as designed, it had a tendency to derail at high speeds, and were eventually banned from interchange service in 1955.

Protocraft’s all brass construction based on Allied drawings with 3D precise drawings created by Rich Leach, has ball bearings in each journal box, working journal box lids, fully equalized with full brake detail, and rolls on Protocraft’s unique sintered 70% steel and 30% stainless steel blend for a very hard rolling surface, with stainless steel axles for added strength.  In the prototype, wheels were required to be unpainted, which allowed rust to gather, to be able to check for cracks in the casting - the sintered wheels will rust which is desirable in the model.  Treads polish to a realistic shiny running look.  Fabricated in Korea by Boo Rim Precision.  $64.95/pair.

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