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Lettering set for IHB’s as-delivered 1944 scheme for Modified 1937 AAR boxcars

Part Number: IHB MOD-1

Price: $8.50

In April 1944, the IHB, an aliate of the NYC, took delivery of 400 Modied 1937 AAR design box cars built at NYC’s Despatch Shops in East
Rochester, NY, Lot 730-B, and assigned road numbers as Series 10600-10999.
Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted NYC red-brown: TCP-221. Underbody and truck side frames painted black car cement. Wheels were
unpainted and allowed to rust and gather a coating of axle grease.
Lettering was all white stencil paste. Note: Between 1935 and mid-1944, cars were stenciled without the black backgound in the oval. In
1945 the NYC went back to having black backgounds in the oval, until the gothic letter style was adopted in 1955.
(Note: see Protocraft Decals IHB MOD-2 for 1955 Gothic scheme)
Lettering designed, sized and created at Protocraft Decals.

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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