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lettering for SP/T&NO’s C-30-4 and C-40-1 cabooses

Part Number: SP-C-30-4

Price: $8.50

Beginning in 1937, the SP began building all-steel cabooses in their Los Angeles general shops, starting with Class C-40-1 as Series 1000-1049, (some intially fitted with Allied Full Cushon trucks). These were followed in 1940-42 with an additional 245, Classed as C-40-3, and numbered into Series 1050-1234. The last 30 of the total 295 went to subsidairy T&NO as Series 400-429 (renumbered in 1962 into 314-373). All were the standard dimensions with 30 foot cabins.
In 1947 through 1951, the SP received 180 all-steel bay window cabooses, now with 32’ and a relatively narrow cabin with the bay windows reaching the full car width, the first 50, as Class C-30-4, built by AC&F as SP Series 1235-1269 and T&NO Series 500-514. Following in 1949, SP‘s shops built more cars as Class C-30-5, Series 1270-1319, and T&NO 515-544. In 1951, SP built an additional 50 bay window cabooses as Class C-30-6 and numbered as Series 1320-1369. Both T&NO Class C-30-4 and C-30-5 eventually were renunbered into SP Series 374-464
Paint & Lettering: Cars were painted SP box car red: TCP-211. Dierent lettering schemes for these cabooses coincided with the changes in freight car lettering. S.P. intials used from 1916 to 1946. Between 1946 and 1952, SOUTHERN PACIFIC was spelled out. In 1952 the 1” line was dropped. Bayshore paint shops used stenciled lettering. 3” reporting marks over end doors. Beginning in 1948, all grab rails painted white. In 1947 ends were painted vermillion and the wrap-around portion of the sides painted a darker color (see page 220*). Beginning in 1955, ends painted Daylight orange and WATCH YOUR STEP added center step. Some cars received the 1955 large 24“/16” - and after 1960 the smaller 16”/10”, both sans-serif style lettering. Roofs tarred black.
*To fully understand this complex subject one needs to consult Tony Thompson’s very comprehensive S.P. Freight Cars, Volume 2, Cabooses, pgs 169-251.
This decal set is designed to allow the modeler to letter almost any variation of caboose lettering during this period.
Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
Printed by Microscale Industries

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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