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lettering for Union Pacific’s CA-1 cabooses

Part Number: UP CA-1

Price: $8.50

The UP’s Class CA-1 caboose were first delivered from AC&F in 1918 and more in 1920 from Mt. Vernon, and in 1924, the last 168 of CA-1’s were built in OWR&N’s Albina, Portland, Oregon shops.
Series numbers were assigned as follows:
UP 2525-2699
OSL 3148-3192 (3148-3162 originally OSL 798-812)
UP 3200-3274
LA&SL 3340-3364 (originally LA&SL 4276-4299)
LA&SL 3373-3420
OWR&N 3619-3631

Trucks: Cabooses came with arch-bar, Vulcan and even T-section trucks, but around 1938, as a result of crew discomfort and union backed complaints, a wood beam, 5’-0” w.b. truck was designed that rode much easier, and eventually all caboose trucks were replaced by 1952. These were designated as “Q” trucks”

Beginning in 1945, a number of CA-1 cabooses (UP only) were rebuilt with a side-door for mixed-train service, some with a side door on only one side. Known examples were UP 2137, 2269, 2612, 2624, 2640, 25766, 25771 and 25817. Renumbering as follows: 2624 to 25677; 2640 to 25771; and 3238 to 25817.
Paint & Lettering: Initially, from 1870, UP cabooses were painted canary yellow, while OWR&N were painted some form of freight car red. During the Harriman era, all cabooses were painted freight car red, a shade almost Tuscan red, with black trucks and underframe and white lettering. Beginning in July 1947, trucks and underframe were painted red as well, with platforms and step treads painted No. 4 Maroon. In June, 1947, new instructions were issued to paint all cabooses Armour Yellow with Gothic lettering in red. Roofs remained freight car red and trucks and underbody coated with black car cement (see 25766 below). Lettering height for reporting marks was an unusual 8” tall, instead of the AAR specified 7“and 9”.
Decal set designed and created at Protocraft Decals
with artwork by Dick Harley
Printed by Microscale Industries

Background color shown above is not included in decal sheet

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