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1947 L&N 40' autocars as Series 46400-46549

Part Number: PC-3312-P

Price: $311.00

The Louisville & Nashville received 150 40' autocars from American Car & Foundry in January 1947, under Lot 2889 and road numbers assigned as Series 46400-46549. The cars came with Apex running boards, Klasing hand brake assemblies, chain pipes for storage in the floor protruding 18 inches below, a heavy side sill and 4/4 Improved Dreadnaught ends, with a 14' door opening. Built in Korea by BooRim Precison to AC&F drawings supplied by the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis with Ed Hawkins consulting, the model is very accuate in every detail. PC-3312-P for Proto:48 and PC-3312-O for O scale. Only 30 models built.

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